Dar Interiors' principle premises is a converted railway arch in Vauxhall, central London, with a workshop and warehouse at one end and a 1,000 sq.ft. dedicated showroom at the other.

For many customers, the first visit they make to Dar's showroom is a highly memorable and inspirational experience. Although centrally located and very well positioned with regard to public transport, the premises has no shop front or high street presence and is unlikely to be stumbled upon by accident (see 'Contact' for map and directions). However, this simply makes the discovery of this hidden gem all the more worthwhile.

Walking off the dusty or damp streets of London, through the imposing hand-carved cedarwood doors that lead into Dar Interiors' showroom, you are immediately transported into a different, exotic world.
Dar's showroom has been designed with the aim of recreating examples of authentic Moroccan interiors' in the heart of London. The floors are tiled with many different patterns of terracotta, glazed and encaustic tiles and the walls covered with intricate 'zellige' and 'tadlacht' pigmented polished plaster. The soothing sound of flowing water from the Andalucian-style tiled fountains and the perfumed smells of cedarwood and fresh mint tea fill the air.

Sunlight streaming though the intricate grillwork window shutters and stained glass 'shemsia', combined with patterns cast from the many Moroccan lanterns, illuminates a wealth of textiles, beautiful furniture, antique doors and an ever-evolving stock of one-off pieces. Whether you seek inspiration for a Moroccan-style interiors project, or you are simply hunting for that one-off gift item, Dar Interiors' showroom should be your first port of call.