Dar Interiors has kilns and workshops in the ancient cities of Fez and Marrakech. We operate a fair trade policy, utilising sustainable source materials and employing local skilled artisans.

Our kilns and each of our workshops are managed by a highly experienced master craftsman supervising a team of skilled artisans. Each of our operations also employs a dedicated quality control manager to ensure production is maintained at the consistently high level demanded by our international clientele. Finally, each and every one of our products is checked by one of our London based staff prior to being packaged and shipped.

The images shown below are of the tile making process in our kilns and workshops in Fez, Morocco. All of these wood-fired Moroccan ceramic tiles are made using materials and techniques that have remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. These tiles are truly handmade. Typically, a batch of tiles with the same glaze from a single firing will include a broad spectrum of different tones of the desired colour. These tonal variations are one of the characteristics that make these tiles so different from others produced today. Being entirely handmade, they have a slightly textured surface, with each tile differing a little from the next.
Unlike those produced today in factories in France and Spain, Dar Interiors' Moroccan encaustic tiles are still individually handmade using traditional techniques. For patterned tiles, a copper 'stencil' is placed in the mould and the different natural coloured mixtures, composed of powdered marble, colouring oxides and white cement, are piped into each part of the design. The 'stencil' is then removed, the sand-cement mixture that forms the base of the tile is added and the entire tile is then compressed, removed from the mould and allowed to dry naturally.

Dar Interiors' collections of Moroccan lighting and baths and basins are also produced in our workshops in Fez. Each piece is individually made to order by the same team of craftsmen using high grade copper, brass, zinc and, for the more economical models of lantern, tin. The majority of our other products, including hand-forged ironwork, moucharabia screens, carved and painted cedarwood furniture and 'gebs' (hand-carved plaster) panels, are made in Marrakech. However, as with our tiles, lighting and basins, each and every one of these pieces is individually handmade to order by skilled Moroccan craftsmen.