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Dar Interiors' handmade Moroccan tiles (zellige) are crafted using entirely traditional methods (see images in 'About Dar - 'Workshop'). However, we have introduced rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that they possess the degree of uniformity necessary for modern applications.

We have two distinct types of Moroccan tile: encaustic (pressed cement) tiles and wood-fired clay tiles. Both types are entirely handmade and can be used together in many combinations to create highly original final designs.

Encaustic tiles come as either single colour tiles or in an extensive range of polychrome patterned tiles. Being extremely hardwearing and 'non-slip', these tiles are perfectly suited to bathroom, kitchen and patio floors and walls.
Our wood-fired clay tiles are made from the grey clay of Fez. This is kneaded by hand before being cut to size and fired in wood-burning kilns to produce the unglazed (terracotta) tile. A glaze is then applied, prior to a second firing, to produce our coloured tiles. The glazed tiles are cut into small pieces to produce intricate mosaic patterns, which we supply both as individual tiles and pre-assembled mosaic panels, suitable for floors and walls. Alternatively, the glaze can be skilfully chipped away by hand to produce the 'sculpted tile'. Finally, we offer a wide selection of handpainted tiles.