Moroccan Handmade Tiles from Dar Interiors

Encaustic Cement

shower tiles & flooring - blue theme.

Loose Zellige




Dar Interiors produce and supply two distinctly different types of Moroccan tile: Encaustic Cement tiles and Wood-Fired Clay tiles. Both types are entirely handmade using traditional but completely different techniques, and can be used separately or together in combination.

Our encaustic cement tiles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, either as single colour tiles or in an extensive range of polychrome patterned tiles. Being extremely hard-wearing and naturally ‘non-slip’, they are perfectly suited to bathroom, kitchen and patio floors and walls. With the correct treatment they can be used outdoors as well as inside.

We supply our wood-fired & handcut clay tiles either as loose zellige pieces, in many different shapes and sizes and a range of over 40 colours, or as ready made pre-assembled mosaic panels for ease of installation of smaller zellige pieces and intricate mosaic patterns. In addition, we offer a large choice of both sculpted and handpainted tiles.